Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The baby

Years ago, I wrote a poem about my daddy. I kinda was happy with it, and I wanted to read it at his funeral. Well, I didn't keep track of it, and Nancy just found it not to long ago..........

I just wanted to share it with you guys......it''s not to fancy....but it made me feel good

I miss him a lot.......

Sometimes I like to sit and think
And remember quietly
About my life in yesterday
And the child I used to be

I can hear the people saying
“Did, you hear what Margie had?”
“Yep, she had another girl”
“Oh really? That’s to bad”

It never really dawned on me
That you wished I was a boy
I’ve just always been your baby,
Saying that brings me great joy

It was also just the other day
When we were on the farm
Living in a nice big house
Save from outside harm

The summer nights, The Christmas days
No person ever could,
Ever in this lifetime
Have a better childhood

I remember all those horses
And Learning how to ride
I remember the night my horse was killed
When you told me, you cried

You were always there when needed
Helping me along
You were always there to catch me
When I’d do something wrong

You taught me how to be polite
And show respect to others
You thought us all about relationships
In how you loved my mother

Now that I’m a parent
And have children of my own
I’m forever grateful for your love
Through out the years you’ve shown

I’ve grown sentimental in these last few years
It sounds so trite, but true
I’m just so glad that I’m your baby
And that God sent me, to you

Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Wall Unit.

I love this....I don't like the way the pictures are haning in the center......that needs to be fixed. But I love the wood and how it makes the room look so rich along with the couch.......

Hope everyone is doing well........

love Mom

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

busy times......

Busy times.....

I went to Utah to celebrate grandma's birthday. She is pretty frail and fragile. Something tells me she's not going to last long. But, I was glad to see her and my sisters. While I was there, they were going to have a ceremony for laying the headstone for Grandma Morgan. (Helen's Mom).......it's not only her's, but it's for a baby she lost a few days after birth, her son Cecil who died at about 19 and her oldest child who died right after Grandma Morgan died.....Gladys who is Lilia's mother. So poor grandpa Morgan lost his wife and two kids with in a about a year. It was snowing/raining bad that day, so the little ceremony was canceled. But, I did go up there anyway, and took a picture of the new addiction to Grandpa's headstone.

I got to stay with Hilary in her beautiful new house....it's so pretty. And I got to go to a choir practice and performance. It was so awesome. One of my favorite things to do. The boys were adorable, although Cater was glad to see me go I think.

Tony and Traci are living with us. They are saving money to go to school. It has been fun to have someone watch the new TV show's with at night. Traci works at Wooddesign.

Do you remember this couch?.......I am so so happy with how it turned out. The new chairs will be here soon too... Dad has been so busy trying to get way to many things done......this house is a pretty big job.

Hope you all are doing well......and staying close to The Lord. I ask him to bless each and everyone of you every day.

love ya