Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had to take the off work today to input all the prop 8 stuff our ward has done. (I am taking a break to write this) It seems this is just about all we talk about around here. Everyone but me has stood on a corner with a sign, I just have been chosen to do the computer stuff.
I am so tired of this election......and the prop 8 stuff. It sure is intresting to see how people choose things in life.
My mom got moved and I am so grateful for my sister's for taking care of that. I hope she will be happy in the new place. She can see the Jordan Temple from her bedroom and is real close. They got her recommend for her before she moved. I don't think she can do any temple work, but Nancy can take her over there, and she can do the prayer roll, and maybe eat something....not excalty temple work ( if it was, I would already be a real angel)....
We still have our doors open at work......not to busy but we are still open. I did book a get a way for Roger and I in Tahoe on Nov 6th......he really needs it.

I got a sweet package today from Megan and the kids........
I love being a Mimi.......
Well gots to get back to the prop 8 stuff........love you all

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Proof......I have a fan club.

What a week it was up in Washington. Ivy finally liked me. And I had a blast with the 3 kids.

I don't have a picture of Tommy and me........I forgot my camera.

Here is PROOF, Ivy did like me in the end......and my Susie Q, was such a big help.

Kids grow up so fast.......

Hope I get to see all my grandkids often........love you all

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Up in the NorthWest

So, I came in last night to baby sit Travis and Megans kids while the go to Hawaii. Susie has clung onto me like velcro. Tommy, was happy to see me, but he's a boy and unless I am going to go Praying Mantus hunting, I am just ok.
Ivy would rather I go back where I come from. I am really hoping that by the time Megan and Travis get back, she will like me.
These are such three sweet kids.............and I am so impressed with how Megan has taught them. Susie just told me I wasn't allowed to put a sock on the coffee table in the front room.
I am praying Travis and Megan can relax and have fun..............