Monday, December 10, 2007

Liston Fighters

So many things could be said about this picture.
#1 Travis will NEVER change.
#2 My granddaughter was very happy to show off her new sports bra....and didn't care who saw it.
#3 Why did we buy a mask with a cross on it?
#4 Susie will NEVER make it in the WWF.
#5 We have fun as a family.
We had a lot of fun that night.................


Traveling Listons said...

That was a pretty funny night... we have a good family don't we? By the way there is a game of tag going on and I tagged you. check out our blog to get the scoop

Martin Family said...

your guys are crazy

Amy said...

Hey Kristie! Thanks for sending me your blog address on your Christmas letter. I love blogs. I am a blog stalker! I don't have one of my own but Megan & Shauna do. I am going to send your's to Megan and Shauna because I am sure Megan would like to see Hillary's and Shauna would like to see Tony's.