Sunday, July 20, 2008

Camping at Pinecrest 08

So Mimi and Papa went camping with The Days at Pinecrest this week........

We had a great time. We went to go see Kung Fu Panda at the outdoor Amplitheater, made Smore's and had Papa's Micky Mouse Pancakes. We played in the water, fished and got skunked.

I took a lot of pictures....and I just had to share two of these video's.

We had fun with all the kids. Grant had a hard time because he wasn't feeling well. And I love, LOVE having a trailer. It might not be big, but it's got a bathroom that is great.

I taught this song to Paige and Mitchell when Harry was born, and he sings it now.


Day Family said...

Too funny! Thanks Mimi and Papa for going camping with us. Despite Grants crying we did have fun!

Travis and Megan Liston said...

Looks fun. We sure wish we could have been there.


Tony and Traci said...

Diddo on Travis'

The Roberts said...

Very cute little boy and an adorable song to go with him. My Ethan was almost a Harrison. I love that name.