Friday, June 13, 2008


I have had this picture up before. It's been almost a year since my Daddy died. It is a year on the 30th. This is my first year in 53 years with out a Daddy on Fathers Day.

I just wanted to say in a silly way, I miss you with my whole heart Daddy. Thanks for being my first hero in life and for always being there for me. I adore you still.


Day Family said...

Miss you grandpa!

ramsudd3 said...

Kristie I loved this I was going to do something like this but did not get a chance to do it. I feel the same he was the greatest and is my Biggest Hero in my life. How we were so lucky in having Sam Rudd being our Father is such a great blessing in our lives. Miss you Daddy oh so much.

Travis and Megan Liston said...

Tommy still prays for Grandpa Rudd in his prayers. We all miss him much.


Kristie and Roger said...

I miss my Dad as much today as the day he died. I think about what he taught me almost everyday.My Dad was a Great man. He did very well with the little Schooling he had.
It had been 8 years already.
I love you Daddy