Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cute Martin Boys

So I have had to try all kinds of tricks to get Carter to like being around me......one day I took them to this place that had bowling and a bunch of arcades. After breaking two games.........(it was me who broke them).....I saw a photo booth. I have some of these cheap photo's of Mandy's kids, and so I thought I would do one of Hilary's kids.
Sometimes Carter likes me and sometimes he tells me to go back to California. But he's a doll. So is Weston and little E.Z is so sweet. I forgot what a lot of work with little kids 24/7 is. Hilary is healing slower than she did with Carter.....I do miss home, but I am glad to still be needed as a mom

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ramsudd3 said...

For fun Kristie you are so lucky to have this time to be with those little boys as well as to help Hilary. Enjoy