Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life........or something like it

I haven't blogged for a long time because my computer died. I hate hate hate lap tops. I have one at work, and now I have to use Roger's old one.
In going through some old stuff, I found my old organizer where I had some notes that my dad had said while he had pneumonia. It was the beginning of the end for him........but dang while he was in the hospital, he said some pretty funny things. I just had to share them with my sisters, kids, nieces and nephews... which is most of you.
If my dad was here.........he'd love these. Most of these were said with his eye's closed.

"I'm the Home Teacher of St Marks Hospital"

"I'm grateful The Lord has let me stay here"

While cousin Rolaine was visiting, Dad woke up. We said, Daddy, you have Pneumonia. He said " Oh for Hell sake, I'd rather have Gonorrhea"

"Romeo and Juliet were just a couple of bums compared to Sam and Margie"

"Marge, have you looked in the mirror lately?" while his eye's are closed, then he giggled.

While asleep, he pretended to tip his hat and say, " My name is Sam Rudd and I am a new missionary here in Brazil."

"I had an affair with Eli Harris for 5 days" not true, and I think Eli Harris was one of daddy's companions........LOL

"Margie, call Claine Erickson and tell him to get Judi, Mom and I out of the Human Society" (human, have no clue why he said this one)

"I got a bare nekkid woman standing before me because Margie hasn't put out in 4 weeks"

Cant wait for my kids to do the same with me........

We found out today what kind of Arthritis little Ivy has. She has the middle kind, called Polyarticular arthritis. For three months she will be on Steroids. In this three months, she wont grow. We humbly ask for prayers during this time. ( hope this is OK Megan)


Marsha said...


Your father sounds like quite a character. I loved the quotes. Especially the gonorrhea one.
Know that Ivy is in our prayers and we hope the rest of the family is doing well too.

Kevan and Jill said...

Oh my heck! Those were so funny! Thank you so much for posting those. It's nice to be able to remember Grandpa like that and to have a little laugh at his expense. I'm sure he's laughing too! Boy do we miss him.

ramsudd3 said...

Those were great Kristie I remembered most of them Thanks for posting them. Ivy is in our prayers as well as Megan and Travis.

Travis and Megan Liston said...

Thanks for sharing Mom. Tommy still prays for Grandpa Rudd in his prayers every once in a while. Ivy is doing much better. She is walking every day with out problems. The swelling in her hands and ankles has resided a bit and she is begining to use her fingertips again. Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers. We are praying that the treatment works like it should, we get control of this and she can lead a normal life. I know the Lord knows of us and Ivy is His little girl whom he loves very much.

Love you mudda!