Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday with the Day's

I was the baby of 5 girls. I grew up not knowing a lot about boys. I have since potty trained my kids and taught my boys that if they had to "water the plants" in the back yard or out in the wilderness, it's ok. Mandy has done the same with her boys. However, Harry has been found "watering" the neighbors plants as well....... On Sunday, he decided, he needed to leave a little bit more then water...........in the front yard. Mandy found out, and asked Harry if he had gone poop, and he was very proud to take her out to the front yard and show her. So being the wonderful Grandma I am, I took a picute of it.
I was bothered more by the fact Dad watched him while he was on the phone walking on the sidewalk........and just kept talking.

Paige got a Hula outfit from Hawaii.... I like how Dad is trying to teach her how to Hula.
....The coconuts were a little to small. I am going to save this for her wedding video.......


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

The Roberts said...

My boys have watered my yard many times too, but I was never left a present quite like that. How cute! I love your blog and am very jealous of Hawaii. Wow! Happy Anniversary. Happy almost Summer.


Day Family said...

Not my proudest moment as a mom....my kid poopin' in the front yard. Geeeesh

ramsudd3 said...

How funny is this I love it. Mom would have died if one of us did anything like this. Maybe this is why she never had a boy. Like they say "Boy's will be Boy's". Paige is darling Kris in her hula outfit.

Danielle said...

Man, it is cool to find all these people's blogs!! I enjoyed reading yours, especially the video of Susie! She is so darn cute. I really miss them! Anyways, Hope you are doing well!