Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cute Kids and Cute Rooms


So have you ever seen any cuter 3 year kids? I found this on my camera, and just miss these little guys. I love the goofy smile Carter has on his face.

So this is one of my back bedrooms. The guest room. I have been collecting vintage hand held mirrors for a while. This is about a 150 year old door I made Roger make into a headboard....not sure what else I am doing this this room.

This is another collection I have a problem with.......These are VERY old Blessing/Christening gowns......again, not finished with this room.......but I love old things. I love to think about the history of what the item had. My collection of camera's needs a place.....It will come together, when I have some more time and energy.


Marsha said...

I love you vintage mirrors. That room is so beautiful and one of a kind. I collect old cameras and typewriters. I would like to collect old singer sewing machines but they are quite bulky for people who move every few years. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

CB and Jenn Allen said...

Hi Sister Liston!
I'm blog stalking .. :) It's Jenny Kuhn (now Allen). I saw your link on Hilary's.

I LOVE your guest rooms. What clever ideas!

S+S said...

beautiful rooms, kristi! I wish I had a knack for decorating.

Robin said...

So cute and creative rooms!!! I am so excited to come see them! I love em'. They look so crisp and happy...
loves to you from me