Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cute Kids and Cute Rooms


So have you ever seen any cuter 3 year kids? I found this on my camera, and just miss these little guys. I love the goofy smile Carter has on his face.

So this is one of my back bedrooms. The guest room. I have been collecting vintage hand held mirrors for a while. This is about a 150 year old door I made Roger make into a headboard....not sure what else I am doing this this room.

This is another collection I have a problem with.......These are VERY old Blessing/Christening gowns......again, not finished with this room.......but I love old things. I love to think about the history of what the item had. My collection of camera's needs a place.....It will come together, when I have some more time and energy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

I can't figure out my new computer........So I can't put the picture I wanted to on this.........

It's my mom's 87th Birthday today. I am so happy to be her daughter. She's been such a wonderful example for me through out my whole life. When ever I have ever needed her, she's been there.

I have been trying to figure out what the best quality my mom has, but I am at a loss. She has so many of them. I would be 100% happy with my life if I could be like my mom. She never complains.....I don't think a person could have a better Mother In Law. She never once has come between my husband and I. She has always supported me, my husband, my kids and most of all my dad.

I saw her give countless hours of service as a kid in the Relief Society. And one of the things I have always loved about my mom is she has always laughed at her self. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father that gave me my mom.........


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Turn

We had so much fun doing these photos! I think roger looks a little bit like Travis in some of thse photos.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life........or something like it

I haven't blogged for a long time because my computer died. I hate hate hate lap tops. I have one at work, and now I have to use Roger's old one.
In going through some old stuff, I found my old organizer where I had some notes that my dad had said while he had pneumonia. It was the beginning of the end for him........but dang while he was in the hospital, he said some pretty funny things. I just had to share them with my sisters, kids, nieces and nephews... which is most of you.
If my dad was here.........he'd love these. Most of these were said with his eye's closed.

"I'm the Home Teacher of St Marks Hospital"

"I'm grateful The Lord has let me stay here"

While cousin Rolaine was visiting, Dad woke up. We said, Daddy, you have Pneumonia. He said " Oh for Hell sake, I'd rather have Gonorrhea"

"Romeo and Juliet were just a couple of bums compared to Sam and Margie"

"Marge, have you looked in the mirror lately?" while his eye's are closed, then he giggled.

While asleep, he pretended to tip his hat and say, " My name is Sam Rudd and I am a new missionary here in Brazil."

"I had an affair with Eli Harris for 5 days" not true, and I think Eli Harris was one of daddy's companions........LOL

"Margie, call Claine Erickson and tell him to get Judi, Mom and I out of the Human Society" (human, have no clue why he said this one)

"I got a bare nekkid woman standing before me because Margie hasn't put out in 4 weeks"

Cant wait for my kids to do the same with me........

We found out today what kind of Arthritis little Ivy has. She has the middle kind, called Polyarticular arthritis. For three months she will be on Steroids. In this three months, she wont grow. We humbly ask for prayers during this time. ( hope this is OK Megan)